Luís on the Keyboard

Whatever happened to real power-of-2 kilobytes?

From the resize2fs man page:

when kilobytes is used above, I mean real, power-of-2 kilobytes, (i.e., 1024 bytes), which some politically correct folks insist should be the stupid-sounding ”kibibytes”.

The same holds true for megabytes, also sometimes known as “mebibytes”, or gigabytes, as the amazingly silly “gibibytes”.

Makes you want to gibber, doesn’t it?

I’m loving being back on Linux.

It started with a small adventure with Debian on my Macbook Pro (quickly stopped since the graphics card fan was always running at full speed) and now Debian is again my main driver at work.

And the funny thing is that this whole thing started because of node.js.

Trying to program with Node in the Mac is starting to be annoying, with having to install Xcode and going through other ordeals… it just made me feel like I was not in control anymore.

So, the nice people at Nokia got me an HP EliteBook (a mammoth of a laptop) and it’s already running Debian!

Being back on Linux just feels like a breath of fresh air! :-)