Luís on the Keyboard

In search of vim enlightenment

To be honest I’m not really searching for vim enlightenment. I’m looking to switch to a text editor I can call my own. Since I have a tendency to go back to the classics, my two contenders would always have to be vim and emacs. Vim, however, is by default available on all operating systems, on all default linux installations, and therefore will where I start this adventure.

In my path for vim enlightenment, just came across a blog post by Yann Esposito, which shows just the very reason why this editor is so fucking powerful.

Two other articles followed and I think they are essential for anyone learning vim:

I think these are probably the most readable and immediately useful articles I ever read about vim.

Final curiosity note, vim was born on November 2nd 1991, 1 day after I became 11 years old.

Let’s hope I get used to this mode switching thing and in 11 years I’m still using it as my main driver!