Luís on the Keyboard

Your first responsibility is to look

When you look attentively and deliberately at the world around you, you will see so many things that are broken or could be improved. The more you look, the better you will become at seeing. (…)

Your first responsibility is to look. Your second responsibility is to act. If you see something broken, try to fix it – even if it’s not your job.

If you really can’t fix the problem, then accept it as a constraint and move on.

Will, back in August, 15 days after I joined Nokia.

I relate so much to this idea; I can’t really think of another way of working as an Engineer than to fix whatever is broken, whenever that is possible.

Engineers fix things. Engineers solve problems, enable functionality. We don’t stop because it’s a different language or because our problem is from a different domain.

We take the bull by the horns and are brave.